Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

thanksgiving hostess gift ideas

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s a good idea to go ahead and start thinking about hostess gifts.

A small hostess gift is generally considered appropriate for dinners and parties, while guests who are staying for several days may give a larger gift. The perfect hostess gift reflects the good taste of the host or hostess, and it is also something which the recipient may not buy for him or herself.

A hostess gift is a gift which is given to the host or hostess of an event by guests.

All sorts of things are suitable for hostess gifts. If you don’t know the host of an event very well, you may want to stick with something neutral, such as flowers.

Another common choice of hostess gift is wine, although you should be very careful about bringing wines, as some hosts do not drink, and others have very specific tastes in wine. Gift baskets of chocolate, fruits, soaps, and lotions are also common hostess gifts.

hostess gift idea platter

If you are spending the Thanksgiving holiday in someone else’s home this year, here are a few suggestions you might consider when shopping for a hostess gift.

1. Mark and Graham Hostess Gifts – I love Mark and Graham. They have a great variety of items at different price points and most can be personalized, which is a wonderful addition to a gift.

2. Give Thanks Large Hand Stamped Vintage Serving Fork and Spoon Set  – Jessica N Designs Fork and Spoon set is so special and beautiful. I really love the idea of giving this set, because it’s something the recipient could keep for many years to come.

3. Rustic Leather Card Box, Single Set  – In our family, holidays always include a competitive game of cards. I love the idea of giving this personalized set of cards to our Thanksgiving day host and hostess. It’s also a great option for a male-only gift.

4. Noctua Bottle Opener  – Anthropologie never disappoints when it comes to gifts. This wine bottle opener is unique and pretty. I see this wrapped up with the host or hostess’s favorite bottle of wine.

5. Acacia Rectangle Tray  – This tray just says “Thanksgiving” to me. It’s the color of harvest and branded with the family’s last name. A tray like this is very functional and something someone may not think about buying themselves. I see this wrapped in cellophane with a dark orange bow embellished with acorns or leaves. You may even want to attach one of Lauren’s adorable “Thankful for You” tags to the bow.

6. Shanna Murray Platter  – “Small Cheer and Great Welcome Makes a Merry Feast.” West Elm hit it out of the park with this gorgeous platter. What a beautiful message!

I hope you find these gift ideas helpful when shopping for the perfect, thoughtful gift for your Thanksgiving hosts or hostesses.

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  1. Erin Carroll says

    Nina, you always have the very best gift ideas! I am in love with that West Elm tray, and you know I love Jessica N Designs. I agree with Jenny. I need to forward this to my guests 😉

    • Nina Helleny says

      Kristin, This is a tough one. I would say if you are contributing to the meal with several dishes per the request of the host or hostess, nothing more is necessary. Unless you’d like to take something small like a bouquet of flowers, holiday-scented candle, or a bag of holiday-flavored coffee for all the guests to enjoy after the big meal. Completely up to you!


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