Printable Customized Lunchbox Notes

Printable customized lunchbox notes

My kiddos started school last week.  With my son at a new school I wanted to do a little something that would brighten his day.  So, I made up some printable customized lunchbox notes. My daughter loves to draw pictures of her and I and I thought it would be fun to draw one myself as a lunchtime surprise.  She loved it and asked for more notes. Download the files via the links below.  Edit the name in Adobe Reader only.  You can find the font that I used here. Download Download … [Continue reading...]

Best Brownies Ever

best brownies ever

My oldest child started kindergarten this week, and every day I look forward to hearing about his day. I want to know as much as he is willing to tell me. But I know that talking to his mom about what he did that day won't be all that fun some days. So I decided to do a little baking and have some brownies at home for him after school. Every day, when he gets home, we sit at the counter and he has a snack and I ask him if he'll tell me some of his favorite parts about his day. So far, it has been great! He tells me some of the bigger things that happened and then he tells me about how he … [Continue reading...]

no bake granola bites

granola bites

I have a sweet little girl who absolutely adores helping out in the kitchen. At first, this was a real struggle for me, I wanted things to be neat, clean and orderly. Well, that doesn't usually happen when you have tiny hands in the kitchen. I've learned to relax a little and worry less about the mess and focus more on the memories. One thing is certain, I like to find things that require little or no heat when baking with my sweet girl. When the danger level is low, I can really focus on … [Continue reading...]

William’s Trash Bash

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Are you ready to talk some trash??!! I was ready to take on the challenge when my almost 4 year old was set on having a garbage truck party for his 4th birthday. Black and green was the color scheme used throughout the printables with pops of crumpled brown kraft paper. I designed a garbage truck and used William’s initials to claim this Waste Management operation as his own.  We had so much stinkin’ fun at this party! Hope you enjoy all the details. We started saving egg cartons, … [Continue reading...]

Back to School Essentials


It's back to school time! Actually, some of your kiddos may have already started school. I am thankful that my kiddos don't start until September. We are savoring these last couple weeks of summer! In any case, we are all set and ready for the start of the school year and after 3 years of school, these are my favorite and most used items for school! I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn Kids backpacks. The extra pockets are ideal, especially if you have a toddler. We have to keep an extra outfit … [Continue reading...]

Pinterest Inspired Tree House

Exterior 2 DIY Tree House

The creators of this adorable tree house are my dear friends from college, Tiffany and Matt from Northern Illinois. They have two precious boys, Miles and Harrison. Matt and Tiffany had always dreamt of building a tree house for their children one day. They wanted to give them a place to explore everything about childhood and let their imaginations run wild! "As much as we all love technology and the things it brings to our world, I never want my boys to lose their sense of wonder and love … [Continue reading...]

Pineapple Cream Cheese Ball

pineapple cream cheese ball

I love cheese balls and crackers. I actually even like the balls with veggies, too. These are easy to make a great to take to just about any function as a delicious appetizer. As for my favorite type of crackers, that's still up for debate as far as gluten-free crackers go, though I do think I'm making some head-way. I tend to like cheese balls with celery. Celery seems to be a great dipping tool :) This one I've been making for quite a while as it is one of my favorites. I love cream … [Continue reading...]

Customized Printable Wine Tag

wine tag printable 2

I recently went to a birthday party for a new neighbor.  I thought a bottle of wine was the perfect gift to take with me...but I wanted to dress it up a little.  So, I created a printable wine tag that can be used for any occasion. Download below and edit using Adobe Reader only.  You can download the font Cambria Italic to create the same look. DOWNLOAD … [Continue reading...]

Inspiring Creativity with Story Stones


I absolutely love anything that inspires a childs creativity and imagination. What better way to inspire a little creativity and imaginative play with your child than through telling stories? I adore listening to my daughter tell me stories. I laugh at the funny parts and my heart loves to get a glimpse into her little mind and the way she thinks. Her imagination shines, her expressions are priceless, and I will always cherish the sweet stories she tells. One of her favorite things to use … [Continue reading...]

Quick & Easy Guide to DIY Flowers

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.31.13 PM

*My friend Sarah Shell is the owner of Fern Floral and Event Design in Columbia, South Carolina, and she is giving us a super easy but beautiful tutorial today! Fern is a boutique floral & event design studio based in the heart of South Carolina. Their designs emphasize nature-inspired garden flowers and seasonal blooms. Their work has been featured on the covers of Flower Magazine and Smitten Magazine, and in Martha Stewart Weddings, Weddings Unveiled, Magnolia Rouge, Carolina Bride, … [Continue reading...]