Merry Christmas… FREE chalkboard print

EDC_christmas chalkboard

We have been decking the halls at my house this week. I love pulling out all my decorations and transforming my house to celebrate the Christmas season. This year I printed a few chalkboard style prints to replace some of the framed artwork around my house. Today I am sharing a 5x7 print I have framed on my desk. :)   You can download the FREE 5x7 print HERE. Merry Christmas!! … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkin Spice Bars

Pumpkin Spice Bars by Sharing Thyme on Every Day Cheer

Meet Maggie! She's the author, cook, and photographer behind the blog Sharing Thyme. Keep reading for her delicious recipe and learn just how long Maggie has loved all things spiced! "I love living life in the kitchen, outside and most of all around a table with fabulous, fun and easy food with friends and family. I grew up with five siblings and a Dad who is a restauranteur. Really, it’s the perfect job for someone who has six kids. I wonder if they planned it that way from the beginning. Growing up we would eat out often at our family restaurant, but cook more often at home with Mom and … [Continue reading...]

Every Day With Ashley Brooke

WM - Best Day Ever via Ashley Brooke Design

Tell us about yourself. Hi! I'm Ashley Brooke, Owner and Creative director of Ashley Brooke Designs. How do you like your coffee? Or favorite drink at Starbucks? If I have the time? I love French Pressed coffee... it's how we make our coffee on Saturday mornings! But if I'm in a rush, then its a Starbucks Grande Non-fat Latte -- extra hot! What's your daily schedule look like? My daily routine fluctuates from day to day, but for the most part it looks about like this: -  5:30 … [Continue reading...]

Eggplant Casserole {gluten-free}

eggplant casserole

I love eggplant! It doesn't seem to be one of the more popular foods in the fruits & vegetable category, but it really is a great one. It can be cooked many ways as well as included in other dishes. I think it's probably intimidating because of it's size. Really, though, compared to a spaghetti squash, which is similar in shape and size, the eggplant is definitely easier to cut and cook! Eggplant casserole is definitely a dish that feels most appropriate in the fall and winter. I have … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Book Advent

Christmas Book Advent

In the holiday season of 2009 I came across the idea for a Christmas book advent.  So, the following year I purchased 2 Christmas books per month so that we could start a new tradition the following year. I wrap up the same 24 Christmas books each year and affix them with a number.  Each night in December the kids put on their jammies and find that day's book underneath our tree.  And we sit by the lit tree reading the book.  It has certainly become a favorite of both mine and my children's … [Continue reading...]

Caramel Apple Bar

How To Caramel Apple Bar_0404

Meet Nicole Regan founder of Cedar and Rush, a girl's handbook and lifestyle guide to Chicago. Today, Nicole is sharing tips on how to host your own Caramel Apple Bar. This would be such a fun addition to Thanksgiving dinner! "If you are looking to host a fall inspired gathering with little work involved (and look like Martha Stewart), then this is for YOU. Not to mention this would go over well with anyone! Kids, girlfriends, boys, grandmas, etc." Tip #1: If you are the host, let … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie


Have I told you how much I love this time of year? I absolutely adore the holiday season. And while decorating for Christmas and the joy of Christmas morning sits atop my list of my all time favorite things. Thanksgiving is another day I simply adore. We get eat tons of delicious food with people we love and there's no gift buying pressure. Just good company, good food, and hearts full of gratitude. Speaking of that delicious food, my mom always makes a pumpkin pie that is unlike any normal … [Continue reading...]

Every Day With Amy Lou Hawthorne

Amy Lou Hawthorne Interview Every Day With

Today the Every Day Cheer team is thrilled to bring you the first interview of the Every Day With series. We would like to thank Amy Lou Hawthorne for sharing her heart and words with us, but especially for her great service to our country! And to all the Veterans past and present, we are forever grateful. Happy Veteran's Day! Tell us about yourself. First, I am HONORED and humbled to have been asked to be the first contributor for this new series on the Every Day Cheer Blog! Thank you … [Continue reading...]

Orange Cranberry Relish

Orange Cranberry Relish

Today, I am sharing a staple from our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. As a kid, I never would eat this orange cranberry relish that my mom always had on the table, but as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate the incredible flavor in it and how it can add so much to everything on the menu. The tangy, citrusy flavors bring out the very best in the turkey and dressing, and it's just so beautiful, too. I love that I can make a big batch at Thanksgiving and then keep it … [Continue reading...]

Happy Thanksgiving… FREE gift tag

Happy Thanksgiving1

Thanksgiving is almost here! Today I'm sharing a free "Happy Thanksgiving" printable tag. I am a big fan of sending goodie bags to preschool with my little ones. Whether you're sending treats to school friends, neighbors or coworkers, it's always fun to wrap up something sweet and take time to say thanks! :) Download the FREE printable gift tag HERE. … [Continue reading...]